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"Adventure for some is jumping off a cliff, for others it's getting off the couch. Wherever you're at, let's go!"



About ADFR

ADFR is an adventure lifestyle company that provides transformational experiences and the space to reflect on bigger questions. The goal is for new freedom's to be unlocked in the hearts of men. Our dream is for men to discover their core authentic self, becoming fully alive, empowered to love and lead well. The result is a new generation to grow up with present and engaged fathers who invite their sons, daughters, and wives into the epic adventure of this good life. 

Adventure unlocks something in a man.  Something primal bubbles up when he steps into nature, leaving civilized comforts behind. When he feels fear and moves through it knowing the risk, freedom awaits him on the other side.  The ocean, mountain, forest, and desert are evidence that there is something bigger going on. They are sobering reminders that we are not in control, but are part of a much larger story. Nature, the Cosmos all point to an Author. An Author of life who is pulling the whole thing forward and inviting you into more.  What is your role in the larger story? Are you willing to risk to discover it?




"I was only taught education and business, never adventure and freedom.”

NEIL  |  The Passage 2017


Zac Ernst 


Zac Ernst is a husband, father, & friend on a constant quest to invite those around him into memorable experiences. Whether it is jogging in a winter rain storm with his daughter, digging holes in the sand with son, swinging in a hammock with his wife in a bamboo forest, or sailing thru the night on a surf trip with friends, Zac desires the fullness of life and finding adventure in the simple day to day. 




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